Local 79 tells City’s Budget Committee about impacts of cuts in 2017 Budget

On Tuesday, January 10th — Local 79 President Tim Maguire deputed alongside Local 79 member Jennifer Chandran from the Housing Connections program (Shelter, Support, and Housing Administration Division). They told the City’s Budget Committee that cuts to City Divisions are impeding staff’s ability to deliver the level of service that Toronto’s communities need and are harming Toronto’s most vulnerable groups.

The Parks, Forestry, and Recreation budget arrives 0.3% below its 2016 budget through user fee increases, staff reductions, and delays in service increases. A staff report released just today revealed there is a shocking 189,467 people on the waitlist to access recreation programs.

Long-Term Care Homes and Services has proposed a budget that is 2.4% below its 2016 budget. They have achieved these reductions largely through service adjustments that result in reducing hours for frontline workers who care for our seniors. This reduction comes on the heels of an astounding 34,777 unfilled shifts between 2012 and 2014.

Toronto Public Health figures show the Division is not meeting provincial standards with its food safety and inspection program. And yet TPH’s budget is being cut 0.4% below its 2016 budget. The Division’s budget also does not meet Council’s direction to stabilize and expand student nutrition programs; should student nutrition really be up for debate?

Local 79 will be commenting soon on additional areas where we are monitoring concerns including: custodial services; TESS; Shelter, Support, and Housing Administration; Court Services and Children’s Services.

Watch Tim and Jennifer’s deputation below.