Local 79 Executive

Local 79 is run by its members, for its members. It’s a democratic organization. The Executive of Local 79, which makes the day-to-day decisions, is elected through a mail-in vote from the Local 79 membership every three years. These are the CUPE Local 79 elected officers for the current term of office.

The Executive Committee


Tim Maguire, President

(416) 977-1629 ext. 223

Tim first became a Local 79 member in 1990 when he began working as a caseworker in the Employment and Social Services Division at the City of Toronto. Tim was first elected Local 79 President in 2011, after serving as First Vice-President, Chief-Steward, Unit Officer, and lead negotiator for several of Local 79’s bargaining units. He is currently the coordinator of the Social Services Division Committee, and Co-Chair of the Political Action Committees. Tim’s an avid runner, reader and music enthusiast. He’s also a passionate advocate for the environment, having been a member of CUPE’s National Environment Committee and campaigned consistently for water conservation.


Nancy Murphy, First Vice-President

(416) 977-1629 ext. 224

Nancy became a member of CUPE in 1990, when she helped organize her workplace into CUPE Local 114. Her Local would later fold into Local 79 during Toronto’s amalgamation. Nancy is a Support Assistant B in the Communicable Disease Control section of the City of Toronto’s Public Health Division. Nancy was elected First Vice-President in 2011, after serving several terms as Recording Secretary and as a union steward. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Education and Bargaining Committees. At home, Nancy enjoys spending time with her dog Daisy, a Morkie.


Jason Desjardins, Vice-President — Chief Steward

(416) 977-1629 ext. 346

Jason Desjardins became a Local 79 member in 1991 as a printer in the Printing Division at the City of Toronto. Jason became Chief Steward in 2015, after serving as a Steward, an Executive Board Member, a Health & Safety Coordinator, and a Unit Officer for three terms. Jason loves to teach community youth soccer and enjoys working out.


Ainsworth Hamilton, Vice-President Equity

(416) 977-1629 ext. 245

Ainsworth started working at the City of Toronto in 1979 as a recreation worker and became a Local 79 member in 1998 when he began working as a Community Recreation Programmer for Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Ainsworth was first elected Vice-President Equity in 2006, after serving the Local as a Steward and an Executive Board Member. As a Member Facilitator for CUPE National, Ainsworth facilitated CUPE’s first-ever Human Rights Conference. He currently sits as the Chair of the Human Rights Committee and as Co-Chair of the Public Relations, and Pension and Pre-Retirement Committees. Ainsworth enjoys spending time with his two daughters and teaching karate to both young and old.




Sofia Reno, Recording Secretary

(416) 977-1629 ext. 252

Sofia became a Local 79 member in 2001 when she began working as an Early Childhood Educator, and subsequently a Support Assistant B in the Strategic, Business & Finance section of the City of Toronto’s Children’s Services Division. Sofia became Recording Secretary in the 2011 union elections, after serving as a WSIB representative, Duty Officer, a member of the Executive Board, and a long-time steward. She currently sits as Chair of the Union Improvement Committee.­


Linda Rose, Membership Secretary

(416) 977-1629 ext. 222

Linda became a member of Local 79 in 1985, when she began working in the City’s Long Term Care Homes and subsequently at the Facilities Management Division at the City of Toronto. Linda was first elected Membership Secretary in 2006, after serving as a union steward and a member of the Executive Board. She currently sits as Co-Chair of the Emergency Measures, Political Action, and Membership Services Committees. Linda is inspired by random acts of kindness. She is Local 79’s unofficial flag-bearer– so look out for her at the next rally!


Lily Chang, Treasurer

(416) 977-1629 ext. 225

Lily became a member of Local 79 in 1989 when she began working as a caseworker in the Social Services Division at the City of Toronto. Lily was first elected Treasurer in 2005, after serving as a union steward, Unit Officer, and a member of the Executive Board. Currently, she is Chair of the Budget Committee and Public Relations Committee, Coordinator of the Social Services Division Committee, and a member of the Civic Bargaining Committee. Lily also sits on the Board of Trustees for the United Way Toronto and is an Executive Board member of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Lily holds an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, where she studied Psychology and Biology. She has two children, Alexandra and Michael.

Unit Officers


David Kidd

City of Toronto Full-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 251

Garth Barry

City of Toronto Full-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 336

Zulema Young

City of Toronto Full-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 340

Sandra Higginson

City of Toronto Unit B Part-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 556

Alexandra Pinosa

City of Toronto Recreation Workers Part-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 353

Beverley Pike

City of Toronto Long-Term Care Homes (416) 977-1629 ext. 350

Van B. Nguyen

Bridgepoint Hospital Service Units (416) 977-1629 ext. 330

Yasmin Makani

Bridgepoint Hospital Nurses and Paramedical (416) 977-1629 ext. 315

Avaline Miller

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (416) 977-1629 ext. 342

Executive Officers at Large

CUPE Local 79 also has 14 Executive Officers at large. Like Officers on the Executive Committee, these Officers are elected by the entire Local 79 membership and not by specific bargaining units. The primary function of the Executive Officers at large includes reviewing and approving recommendations from the Executive Committee as well as approving expenditures, which takes place at monthly meetings of the Executive Board. Approved recommendations and expenditures are brought forward to General Membership Meetings for approval by the membership. Executive Officers at Large also contribute significantly to Local 79's many Standing and Special Committees.

  • Laura Aversa
  • Julia Barnett
  • Shannon Berseth
  • Jennifer Farrell
  • Keith Fiering
  • Rebecca Jageshar
  • Arokiadass John
  • Tannis Khan
  • Logan Lamerton
  • Sharon Llewellyn
  • Nina Megas
  • Mark Paar
  • Fred Shilson
  • Shelley Suffield