Local 79 Executive

Local 79 is run by its members, for its members. It’s a democratic organization. The Executive of Local 79, which makes the day-to-day decisions, is elected through a mail-in vote from the Local 79 membership every three years. These are the CUPE Local 79 elected officers for the current term of office.

The Executive Committee

Dave Mitchell, President

(416) 977-1629 ext. 223

Dave first became a Local 79 member in 1989 when he began working in the Transportation Services Division at the City of Toronto. He has served as a Union Steward, and was elected President in 2017. Dave loves all types of sports and has taught soccer to kids for the past 15 years. He’s an avid reader and enjoys going to the movies with family and friends. 

Jason Chan, First Vice-President

(416) 977-1629 ext. 224

Jason first became a Local 79 member in 2008 when he began working in the Resident Accounting Unit of the Long Term Care Homes & Services Division at the City of Toronto. In 2011, he worked in the Finance & Administration Unit of the Toronto Court Services Division and in 2014 worked on Cluster B budgets in the Financial Planning Unit of the Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration Division. Jason was elected First Vice-President in 2017 after serving several terms as a Union Steward and as Co-Chair of the Young Workers Committee. Jason holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University with finance specialization. He is also a big fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Casey Barnett, Vice-President — Chief Steward

(416) 977-1629 ext. 346

Casey first became a Local 79 member in 2002 when she began working for the City of Toronto’s Facilities Management Division. While working for the City, Casey received her Bachelor of Arts Honours from Queen’s University. She went on to complete the Aboriginal Justice Program, Native Law Program and her law degree (JD) at the University of Saskatchewan. Casey articled with RBC and is now a licensed lawyer and member of the Law Society. Her passion for the union stems from her dad, who is a longtime steward of CUPE Local 416. Casey enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially at a hockey game. “Go Leafs go!”

Avaline Miller, Vice-President Equity

(416) 977-1629 ext. 342

Avaline Miller first became a Local 79 member in 2001 after her position as a senior collections officer at the Metro Toronto Housing Authority (MTHA) was downloaded from the Province and became part of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). At MTHA, Avaline was an active member of OPSEU 592 and helped organize TCHC members in joining CUPE Local 79. She was elected Local 79 Vice-President Equity in 2017.  Avaline first became involved in Local 79 as a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Joint Health and Safety Coordinating Committee. She was on the Bargaining Committee for the first Collective Agreement signed between CUPE Local 79 and TCHC in 2004 and has been on each Bargaining Committee ever since. She is a member of the Local 79 Education Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and has also been a member of the Grievance Committee. Avaline is passionate about health & safety and advancing social justice in the workplace. She has worked to advance anti-harassment awareness in the workplace through Bill 168 provisions and has represented several members at the Human Rights Commission. Avaline is a wife, a mother and a grandmother — and says that family always comes first.

Fred Shilson, Recording Secretary

(416) 977-1629 ext. 252

Fred first became a CUPE member in 2002 when he began working as a student cashier with the Toronto Parking Authority while studying broadcast journalism. He joined Local 79 in 2007 when he took a position in the City’s Long Term Care Division. Fred has served as a Local 79 Union Steward, Health and Safety Committee Member, Executive Board member, and Bargaining Committee member. He has also been a CUPE Ontario Young Worker Representative, Treasurer for the CUPE Toronto District Council and has represented Ontario on CUPE’s National Political Action Committee. An experienced political organizer, Fred helped coordinate the campaign to stop the sale of Toronto Hydro and has trained hundreds of activists in electoral politics. As a kid growing up downtown, Fred enjoyed playing shinny and baseball; he loves spending time with family and friends.

Linda Rose, Membership Secretary

(416) 977-1629 ext. 222

Linda became a member of Local 79 in 1985, when she began working in the City’s Long Term Care Homes and subsequently at the Facilities Management Division at the City of Toronto. Linda was first elected Membership Secretary in 2006, after serving as a Union Steward and a member of the Executive Board. She currently sits as Co-Chair of the Emergency Measures, Political Action, and Membership Services Committees. Linda is inspired by random acts of kindness. She is Local 79’s unofficial flag-bearer – so look out for her at the next rally!

Tannis Khan, Treasurer

416-977-1629 ext. 213

Tannis first became a CUPE Local 79 member in 2001 when she began working as a summer camp leader in the Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division. She went on to work in many different classifications within PF&R before taking a position in the Toronto Employment and Social Services Division as a Caseworker. In 2011, Tannis became active with the union by joining Local 79’s Part-Time Recreation Bargaining Committee. She was later elected to Local 79’s Executive Board, became a Local 79 Steward, and joined Local 79’s Young Workers, Human Rights, and Health and Safety Committees. Tannis also served as one of Local 79’s Health and Safety Coordinators for several years and sat as a CUPE Ontario Health and Safety Committee member. She is currently a member of the Ontario Municipal Employees Coordinating Committee. By accessing the many great services that Local 79 members provide while growing up in North Etobicoke, Tannis gained firsthand experience of the great work that our members do. Tannis is passionate about the environment, food & nutrition advocacy and loves watching sports.

*Tannis is currently on maternity leave. Please contact Aimee Carnell (Acting Treasurer) in her absence: 416-977-1629 ext. 229.




Unit Officers

Garth Barry

City of Toronto Full-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 336

Lily Chang

City of Toronto Full-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 225

Sharon Llewellyn

City of Toronto Full-Time 416-977-1629 ext. 340

Rob Carnell

Unit Officer, Part-Time B 416-977-1629 ext. 556

Alexandra Pinosa

City of Toronto Recreation Workers Part-Time (416) 977-1629 ext. 353

Logan Lamerton

City of Toronto Long-Term Care Homes (416) 977-1629 ext. 350

Dave Colosimo

Toronto Community Housing Corporation 416-977-1629 ext. 238

Yasmin Makani

Bridgepoint Hospital Nurses and Paramedical (416) 977-1629 ext. 315

Van B. Nguyen

Bridgepoint Hospital Service Units (416) 977-1629 ext. 330

Executive Officers at Large

CUPE Local 79 also has 14 Executive Officers at large. Like Officers on the Executive Committee, these Officers are elected by the entire Local 79 membership and not by specific bargaining units. The primary function of the Executive Officers at large includes reviewing and approving recommendations from the Executive Committee as well as approving expenditures, which takes place at monthly meetings of the Executive Board. Approved recommendations and expenditures are brought forward to General Membership Meetings for approval by the membership. Executive Officers at Large also contribute significantly to Local 79's many Standing and Special Committees.

  • Shannon Berseth
  • Aimee Carnell
  • Jason Desjardins
  • Maria Faria
  • Jennifer Farrell
  • Keith Fiering
  • Valerie Joseph
  • Florence Mwangi
  • Mark Paar
  • Linda Petrucci
  • Cheryl Robb
  • Shelley Suffield
  • Betty Wu-Lawrence
  • Zulema Young