Diversity is our strength – the City should reflect that strength in its translation and interpretation services

This week, the City’s Executive Committee considered a recommendation to review how translation services are delivered to Toronto’s residents. Tim Maguire pointed out that even though Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, we contract out most of our translation services. He argues the City should consider a strategy to deliver translation and interpretation services directly.

Toronto needs social infrastructure investments, and that means new revenue tools

Tim Maguire was at the City’s Executive Committee to discuss the City Manager’s recent report on Toronto’s fiscal framework. The City Manager reported that City Council will need to consider new revenue tools if it wants to build the City’s physical infrastructure. Tim argued that we can’t afford to neglect the social infrastructure delivered by members of Local 79. He also indicated Local 79’s support for new revenue tools to support good jobs, poverty reduction, and City services.

Intimate Partner Violence against Women Report

Read Local 79 President Tim Maguire’s deputation on the Board of Health’s report and recommendations on Intimate Partner Violence against Women, dedicated to the memory of Zahra Abdille and her sons, who were killed on November 29, 2014.  Zahra was a public health nurse and a member of CUPE Local 79.

Toronto Public Health 2016 Operating Budget Request

Public health programs are essential for the well-being of everyone and the need is ever-growing.  In this deputation to the Board of Health, Local 79 President Tim Maguire says he wants a solid commitment from the City not to cut-back on any of the services that are needed.  Public health is not a ‘frill’; it’s […]

City can address economic health of our City by responding to the issues of income inequality and precarious employment

The City’s Economic Dashboard provides a summary of the most recent data available on key economic indicators benchmarking the city’s economic performance. As municipalities such as Toronto explore their role within the global economic context, inequity and employment need to be top-of-mind when making budget, staffing and service decisions.  Dear Councillor Thompson and Committee Members, […]

Tim Maguire recommends new protections for workers at Changing Workplaces Review

After two decades in which jobs have become less secure and full-time work increasingly hard to find, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is reviewing the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Standards Act. Tim Maguire presented to the review’s Special Advisors on behalf of CUPE Local 79. He emphasized the need for minimum guaranteed hours […]

Implementing Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy

City Hall

As City Council’s Budget Committee considered the Interim Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy, Tim Maguire highlighted three budgetary priorities: thinking carefully about how a proposed 2% cut would affect Torontonians experiencing poverty, the importance of the City becoming a living wage employer, and the need to consider alternate revenue tools to provide stable funding to anti-poverty programs.

Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy – Local 79 gives input to the City after surveying Local 79 members

In this deputation, Local 79 President Tim Maguire calls upon the City to be to be a model employer and lead by example as it holds up quality jobs and living wages as a central pillar of a Poverty Reduction Strategy. Local 79 used the feedback from the Local 79 Members Survey on Poverty Reduction to inform the remarks and concerns about rising poverty levels in Toronto.

Trouble ahead with 2% budget cuts in 2016

Photo credit: FLICKR sookie

With Mayor John Tory proposing a further across-the-board 2% cut to City services, City Divisions not filling gapped positions, and a dearth of revenue tools — Local 79 President Tim Maguire points to big problems in the 2016 Budget proposals in this deputation to the City’s the Budget Committee.