Dembinski fights for members at Executive Committee meeting

Ann Dembinski at Executive Meeting

Thursday, July 28 2011 – CUPE Local 79 President Ann Dembinski stood up for members at the City Hall Executive Committee meeting on the core services review. Ann Dembinski’s comments were picked up by The Globe and Mail,, and Citytv News – after members of the public cheered her comments in the Committee Room. […]

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Fun times at Local 79’s Annual Picnic

CUPE Local 79’s annual picnic (2011), at Wild Water Kingdom, was blessed with sunshine, high temperatures and lots of fun.  The local 79 team served up juice and ice cream bars; stamped hands for discounts at the water park, and hosted fun games and races for CUPE Local 79 members. If you missed this year’s […]

Local 79’s Photo Contest Winners

CUPE Local 79 Photo Contest

At CUPE Local 79’s June 28, 2011 General Meeting, the results of our union’s photo contest were announced. Take a look at some of the winners! Click on an individual photo to read the caption.

Local 79 members improve their literacy skills

On April 18th, a group of Local 79 members from Bridgepoint Health graduated from a program put on by the Ontario Literacy Coalition. Local 79 President Ann Dembinski was there to offer her congratulations and present the graduates with their certificates of completion. CUPE Local 79 and the Ontario Literacy Coalition have had a successful […]

Stephen Lewis – The Value of Municipal Services

CUPE municipal workers from across Canada met in Toronto February 16-18 to discuss how to deliver quality public services to Canada’s communities in the face of underfunding, privatization and trade agreements which threaten to undermine those services. In a powerful speech to delegates on the final day of the meeting, Stephen Lewis called on municipal […]

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Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Flickr are what people call ‘social media’.  They’re a great way to stay connected to your friends and the places you’re engaged and interested in. CUPE Local 79 has a dedicated presence on social media sites. Come chat and get the latest on what’s happening at CUPE Local […]