Events – Chill with Will

My summer in present-day Toronto shall be replete with visits to fantastic events, festivals, and celebrations. Ad rest assured, William Lyon Mackenzie’s presence will be known! I plan to mingle with the locals, pose for photographs, engage in snappy banter, and soak in the sights & sounds of our fine city!

However, there shall be no resting on my laurels (and trust me, a man of my stature has laurels to spare!). At each of the above venues, I will also be hosting my very own live talk show, titled Chill with Will. Expect it to be “epic,” as the youngsters a good century my junior would say. We’re talking a slick 19th-century talk show set, plus comedy, music, special guests, and a healthy dose of rabble-rousing mayhem! Who says Craig Ferguson has the market cornered on high-energy Scotsman-hosted talk shows? Certainly not I!

So be certain to mark these dates on your calendar. Because missing out on the action is most certainly not an option, my dear friend!